"You don't quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving!"        Bill Wood 1987 


Calendar of activities

Pilzen Cup


Accuracy Competition only for skydivers with Accuracy Canopy and sufficient experience in competitions.
Dear jumping ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming events, training camps and competitions in accuracy jumping held by Aeroclub Pilsen in the Czech Republic. You are warmly invited to following events:

- Accuracy jumping training camp, Pilsen Líně DZ, 26.-27.4.2018, a coach will be present

- Chodský čakan – rather a smaller competition in accuracy jumping, the annual opening event of a jumping season, Horní Staňkov airfield, 28.-29.4.2018

- Plzeňský pohár, Pilsen Líně DZ, a part of Czech national cup series, 16.-17.6.2018

- The Open Czech Championship in Accuracy jumping and freestyle, Pilsen Líně DZ, 19.-22.7.2018

The detailed prepositions and instructions will be sent approximately 2 months prior to each of events. Should you have any questions and feel the need for further information to any of above listed events, please don´t hesitate to contact us!

We hope to see you soon, blue skies!

Jan Bečka
Předseda Aeroklubu Plzeň Bory

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