"You don't quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving!"        Bill Wood 1987 

About us.

POPS-NL has a history of more than 35 years.


At first it was a group of parachutists over the age of forty.

Only in a later stage the club was officially registered in the Netherlands.


The association was registered on 28 June 1991 as POPS-NL.

The founders of the club POPS-NL were: Jim Huizinga (1934 -2018) and Jan Overtoom (1944-2018).



The Mission of POPS-NL:

The club wants to practice and pursue the sport of parachuting on non-commercial grounds.

Members are persons who have reached the age of forty.

So if you are forty years of age and you are a parachutist........you can apply to the secretary by means of the ´contactformulier´ (contactform) on this website.


Members of POPS-NL participate in competitions and skydiving-events in Europe and sometimes in other continents.

The following pictures may give an impression:



For parachutists over Sixty there is the international club (Division of POPS) Skydivers Over Sixty ( SOS )




For parachutists over Seventy there is the international club (Division of POPS) Jumpers Over Seventy ( JOS )